"Supporting Bizweni Centre affords us a huge amount of pride and most importantly - humility - in providing disadvantaged children and their families with the extra means to develop and prosper under extremely difficult circumstances."

− Maryka Smit - SecureWealth

"We have specifically chosen Bizweni because of the incredible school that it is and the selflessness and dedication of the team. The children at Bizweni are happy and stimulated and are doing so well given their circumstances because of the commitment Bizweni invests in each and every pupil. We are proud to help in the little way we can to make the running and maintenance of the school a little bit easier."

− Emily Mast, Marketing Manager - Woodbender

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National Lotteries Commission funds the Children at Bizweni Centre for Children with Disabilities

An all-important aspect of providing services to persons with disabilities is ensuring access to such services. Many times, people are excluded from support purely because they cannot access it. Bizweni Centre for Children with Disabilities makes sure that each child attending the Centre has full access by providing transport, via our buses, to and from home.

With the ever-increasing need for the Centre’s services and the recent additional uptake of children at the Centre, the need for additional transport became vital. It is with gratitude that we announce that an application to the National Lotteries Commission in 2017 was successful, enabling the Centre to purchase a brand-new School bus (at almost R500, 000)! Now 26 children can get to “school” reliably, join their friends for fun and learning at the Centre, and return home after a full day.

We extend our sincerest gratitude, on behalf of the children with moderate to severe disabilities that attend Bizweni Centre, to the NLC for this very important grant; helping us to sustain and increase our services in the community.

Between 2005 and 2010 the Helderberg Rotary Club raised R2 million and built the current centre for 40 children. They have two on going fundraising initiatives helping us to acquire a new bus and to build a skills development centre.

The beautiful new Bizweni Centre for Children with Disabilities’ logo was designed and given to us by Eduard Haumann’s Design Studio

Our utmost gratitude to PSG and the generous Charitable Trust that supports Bizweni Centre so loyally and enable us to provide our children with only the best people and programmes.

Organizations that have caught our vision. Without them and the support of so many amazing people we would not be able to continue running and expanding our unique Centre.

Woodbender is more than just a regular contributor to Bizweni Centre, they are loyal friends who consistently show their concern for their community. We thank you for your generous donations over the years.

SecureWealth is a regular and loyal contributor to Bizweni Centre. It is with this type of regular support that we can plan ahead, grow and provide only the best to our very special children.

Words cannot describe our appreciation of our long standing relationship with the Powergroup who has invested in the development of our special children for many many years. Thank you for your generous monthly contributions over the years.