Here is a bit about us

The Bizweni Centre for Children with Disabilities in Somerset West believes that every child, irrespective of their disability and circumstances should have access to the right education and care. Bizweni provides a safe, loving environment where a child with a disability has the opportunity to learn and develop to their fullest potential.

In 2009 the Helderberg Rotary Club of Somerset West raised the funds to build our beautiful Centre.

"Supporting Bizweni Centre affords us a huge amount of pride and most importantly - humility - in providing disadvantaged children and their families with the extra means to develop and prosper under extremely difficult circumstances."

− Maryka Smit - SecureWealth

"We have specifically chosen Bizweni because of the incredible school that it is and the selflessness and dedication of the team. The children at Bizweni are happy and stimulated and are doing so well given their circumstances because of the commitment Bizweni invests in each and every pupil. We are proud to help in the little way we can to make the running and maintenance of the school a little bit easier."

− Emily Mast, Marketing Manager - Woodbender